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My paintings.

My partner and I were living in London, everything was fine, I wasn't nervous around anything. Suddenly I started to feel paranoid and I wasn't sure what was wrong. We were out one day and out of nowhere it hit me. I was fine. Then I wasn't. It got worse and it was hard to leave the house. I went to the doctors and turned out I have a Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I had panic attacks which I never experienced before, I was agoraphobic, paranoid, and I couldn't live my life properly. I moved back home with my lovely family and was put on anti-depressants. Everyone around me was so supportive, and I love them all. I was trying to find ways to cope, and i've always loved art ever since I was little. One day I painted something that I felt, and I thought it looked quite good, and made me feel better. Most of these paintings are a reflection of the emotion and feelings experienced within me as I was painting.